Thursday, 30 November 2017

ETM's Issuance of Official Receipts for Events

ETM's Issuance of Official Receipts for Events?
In order to avoid confusion amongst ETM-TAO, partners who produced and marketed an event wherein ETM is just a content provider and events that ETM owned and produced, this policy direction is to be employed.
1. For the event that is owned and produced by ETM-TAO, whether or not ETM is a content provider, the official receipt to be issued for those people who attended the said event shall be the official receipt owned and controlled by ETM-TAO.
2. For the event that is produced by partners, whether ETM-TAO or ETM is a co-producer thereof, the official receipt to be issued shall be the official receipt owned and controlled by the said partners. If a partner or person who wishes to produce an event for and in behalf of ETM-TAO and ETM is not registered with the DTI, LGU and BIR, the event shall be either for the account of ETM-TAO or ETM as the case may be. No partner or person shall be allowed to sell, market and organise an event for and in behalf of or in cooperation with ETM-TAO or ETM unless the said person can prove that he is registered with DTI, LGU and BIR and possessing the required official receipt. Else, ETM-TAO or ETM shall be responsible for issuing the official receipt to person who attended the said event and will be considered as the producer or organiser of that event while the unregistered partner or person shall be considered as a marketing associate who may receive a just compensation for his collaborative works. For this purpose, ETM-family members shall be considered a partner or person.
3. For the event that is produced by ETM, whether or not it is in association with a partner or person, the official receipt shall be issued by ETM.

Starting the Negosyo Taxation (Governing Rules in Attending)

Jack Ma said, 'Don't complain. Opportunities are like "Alibaba", - a thief.' ETM will teach and train you. Then, he will sell you through an Apps ( and finally, he will collect the Study Now Pay ETM Later (
SNPEL) amortisation from your gross income in NEGOSYO TAXATION.

Puede kahit sinong Pilipino o Pilipina. Hindi naman BAWAL maging Tax Consultant. Wala namang schools, universities o colleges na nagbibigay ng CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY o DIPLOMA sa TAX ACCOUNTING, TAX BOOKKEEPING o TAX CONSULTING. Kaya puede ako, puede ka at puede siya... na maging Tax Consultant o Assistant Tax Consultant ni ETM.... Share tayo sa Professional Fee ni ETM o ng ETM Tax Agent Office (ETM-TAO).... 0922 801 0922

For workshops, events, seminars and events (WEST), the tariff (INVESTMENT FEE) increases when the WEST date gets closer. For pricing structure, you may visit

The WEST is held in different dates and time. For the date and time when a WEST shall be held, you may visit

The WEST is held in different place in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and MIndanao. For the venue nearest your home or office, you may visit

Topics, issues and tax updates may vary all the times and will depend on the prevailing issues and concerns of accountants, bookkeepers and consultants and their respective clients. However, the basic study that you must learn immediately and is relevant to you are (1) Consultant's Options, (2) Surviving BIR Audit, (3) Reducing Tax Deficiencies without Bribing and (4) Tax Bookkeeping and Accounting Entries. For other significant topics that you want to learn, you may visit

As an (Assistant) Tax Consultant or Taxation Professional, your first assignment to get a profitable future that will definitely change your current lifestyle is to read, starting today and once a day, any of the Court of Tax Appeals' (CTA) decisions or resolutions. Totoo naman talaga na sa start Boring at nakakatamad kasi talagang mahirap maintindihan ang mga decisions at resolutions ng CTA pero ganito nalang ang isipin mo, Bossing (1) Pininda (inventory) mo iyan sa iyong Sari-sari Store (Brain), (2) Pag may bumili sa iyo ng taxation-knowledge at knowhow, madali mo itong maaabot and maiaabot sa iyong Buyer, (3) Mahal ang presyo ng mabuting panindang ito (Get high paying clients), (4) Wala kang malaking puhunan kasi internet connection at little time of your 24 hour day-life cycle lang ang kailangan mo, (5) Ang magandang panindang ito ay hindi napapanis, nabubulok o may expiration katulad ng sardinas, at importantly, (6) Malaki ang tubo o kita (profit) mo sa panindang ito. Subukan mo na ngayon. Malay mo, maabot mo rin ang iyong pangarap (dreams).

FYI Ilg AloƱra Etnarom , Please OBEY these PROCEDURES, by sequence, (1) visit, (2) click 'Event' tab, (3) choose your preferred seminar, (4) pay either thru PayPal or bank deposit, (4a) if thru bank deposit, scan email the validated deposit slip to, and (5) wait for the ticket to be sent to you via email address that you provided. 

Daig ng Maagap ang Masipag. Thanks or Salamat.

Answer to All Who Commented

Dear Attendees of Nov 22,

The purpose of this letter is to help and assist you decide if you really want to get clients from the influx of taxpayers covering the period of January 1 up to January 31, 2018.

ETM will teach you on how to sell and market yourself and your professional services such as tax bookkeeping, tax accounting and tax consulting without spending too much of your time and money. You can earn while you are in the process of learning. ETM will teach you the selling and marketing strategies of Facebook, Google and Alibaba as applied to the selling and marketing of taxation and accounting.

The influx of taxpayers covering the period of January 1-31, 2018 will only happen once a year and this opportunity should not be missed by you. Let us make this moment not only memorable unto you but profitable also.

ETM is inviting you to help and assist these taxpayers from 16 cities and 1 municipality of Metro Manila from being victimised by their own ignorance of the Local Government Taxation. For your information, there are five (5) ways in victimising these taxpayers (The predators are sometimes the Local Officials and Employees of the Local Government Units). They are (1) wrong tax rate, (2) wrong venue, (3) wrong taxable basis, (4) wrong product classification, and (5) wrong business activity. Knowing how to handle these five (5) challenges may help you get the opportunities that you are longing for. 

These tips and techniques helped and assisted ETM to be a sought after TAX CONSULTANT AND RESOURCE SPEAKER. ETM assures you that you will profit more than what you are making now if and only if you will allow yourself to be where the actions are that is RENEWAL MAYOR’S PERMIT AND PAYMENT OF BUSINESS AND LOCAL TAXES. Choose the nearest LGU or the LGU having the most number of taxpayers.

You may choose to be a Tax Mapping Specialista, Letter of Authority Specialista, Subpoena Duces Tecum Specialista, Letter Notice Specialista, Benchmarking Notice Specialista, Oplan Kandado Specialista, Inventory Taking Specialista and Tax Compromise and Abatement Specialista.

See you on December 9, 2017 event ‘HANDLING OPPORTUNITIES BROUGHT BY THE RENEWAL OF LGU’s BUSINESS PERMITS AND LICENSES.  Call Sonia at 02-9216107 or PM ETM at Kataxpayer Fanpage Facebook. Thanks a lot. - ETM (


Manny is encouraging you to pay THE SUPER EARLY EARLY BIRD RATE which is P2,499 plus VAT. The purpose of his encouragement will benefit you the most because you will no longer pay the walk-in rate of P4,999 plus VAT for the two (2) events called ‘SURVIVING BIR AUDIT’ and ‘CONSULTANT’S OPTIONS AND CHALLENGES’. Notwithstanding, that you will receive a FREE BOOK entitled ‘Doing Business with the BIR Made Easier”. However, if the grace period lapses, then, the offer for you to attend for FREE the said events shall no longer be valid and enforceable. You must register and pay at today. For your convenience, the topics to be discussed in SURVIVING THE BIR AUDIT are BIR-Letter of Authority, BIR-Letter Notice, BIR-Benchmarking Notice and BIR-Tax Mapping while for CONSULTANT’S OPTIONS AND CHALLENGES, the topics are Fee Negotiation, Firing Clients, Service Provider or Solution Provider, and Coaching versus Mentoring. For pricing structure and due dates to pay your investment fee, please go to today. IMPORTANTLY, you may entitle yourself to attend, FREE OF CHARGE, the five (5) day-session for the one of a kind event “LAND DISPUTES DUE TO DEATH, DONATION, DISSOLUTION, DEFAULT & DEFICIENCY” (valued at P50,000) if and only if you are able to bring ten (10) people to an event or accumulated 10 people to series of events. You will be advised if the required number of participants (at least 20 people) had been reached. Your entitlement will not be forfeited by your default. Instead, you may wait for another schedule of the same event in the nearest future. - Manny Dela Cruz is thanking you……..!!!!!!

You may also choose to be a Tax Mapping Specialista, Letter of Authority Specialista, Subpoena Duces Tecum Specialista, Letter Notice Specialista, Benchmarking Notice Specialista, Oplan Kandado Specialista, Inventory Taking Specialista and Tax Compromise and Abatement Specialista. Study Now Pay ETM Later per Specialista Course is P50,000 plus VAT. Just like getting a loan from banks and financial institutions to acquire a vehicle or condo unit, a P5,000 plus VAT. The remaining balance of P45,000 plus VAT shall be paid once you have already earned an income from the Specialista Course that you have taken. Meaning, a sum certain in money shall be deducted from your collection from being a ETM accredited Tax Consultant or Tax Bookkeeper.