Tuesday, 2 October 2018

TRABAHO LAW versus TRAIN LAW, 2018 Tax Amnesty from President Duterte's SONA

If there would be 300 plus likes and comments, I would push for this plan.
1. Letter Notice
2. Subpoena Duces Tecum
3. Tax Mapping
4. Oplan Kandado
PLUS: 2017 and prior years Tax Amnesty Proposal of DU30
at UP Diliman QC Campus on Nov 17, 2018
The purposes of this SUPER BIR EVENT ABOUT "TRABAHO LAW" are to give and provide
1. Sideline Opportunity for graduating students and government employees who need to financially help and assist their families and children.
2. Negosyo Opportunity for OFWs and professionals like doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants and other Filipinos who aspire for an additional sources of income to finance their travel abroad or acquisition of new houses and lots.
3. Solution Opportunity for business owners who seek to free themselves from the bondage of yearly BIR Graft and Corruption Practices.
Graduating students will only share 100 pesos. Else, you have to share 500 pesos. For the first 200 non-graduating students who will COMMENT AND COPY-SHARE THIS MESSAGE via email BCC TaxMappingDotCom@gmail.com will GET a FREE 230 +/- PAGE KATAX CODE at the event entrance gate.